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How to send your car or truck

My name is Don. I spent 10 years as the owner of my own truck company. My truck is a car carrying. I have spent the last few years as a broker who helped other people send their cars and trucks. If you ever send auto, you know that there are many websites to choose from. Buyer Beware. Brokers out there prey on uneducated senders. I have collected formulas to help you in shipping cars, trucks, golf cart or other things on wheels.

How do I determine the reasonable level of payment to transport my car? Determining payment rates may seem difficult, but in fact, it’s quite simple. There is no right formula or tariffs that set, and the average price can change due to economic conditions and time this year, but with a little thought and some simple mathematics, you can determine the price that will appeal to the New York Car Shippers operator and. affordable for you. There are a number of factors that need to be considered when sending your car. Value of vehicles, routes, distance, trailer type, how urged cars need to be moved, origin / destination location and, of course, your budget all needs to be considered. In general, 30 to 45 cents per mile is a typical level for open trailer transportation. 60 to 75 cents per mile is typical for closed transportation. Vehicles cannot be operered generally sent in open trailers

Start first with a basic level. 35 per mile

Consider the size of the vehicle – Enter.03 to.05 for vans, large pickups, SUVs etc, Enter -.02 to.03 for compact cars. (Be sure to enter a negative sign (-) to reduce for compact cars, this field is set to automatically add.)

Consider the value of your vehicle – Enter.05 to 100 here if your vehicle is worth more than around $ 20,000 – the amount you add must be proportional to the value of the vehicle.

Urgency – How fast do you need to need your car? The more you willing to pay the operator, the more likely it will likely be taken from the load board by the operator quickly. The more you add here, the faster your car will be taken. On the other hand, if you have a tight budget and in no hurry to move your car, you can reduce from your level – but if you are too low, your car might not be moved at all. Enter + or – some cents here as needed.